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Where The Wild Things Are
featuring Evangelia Philippidis & Judith Vierow 
APRIL 2-29, 2019
Artists' Reception: Friday, April 5 | 6-8 p.m.

Images: (Left to Right)

Evangelia Philippidis, 3 French Hens, Scratchboard
Judith Vierow, Armadillo Mama, Acrylic
Evangelia Philippidis, Ms. Maleficent, Scratchboard
Judith Vierow, Friendly Dogs, Acrylic

Evangelia Philippidis:

Humans can be so complex, our emotions can drive us into the light or down dark paths. Nature is simple, cycles of day and night, season to season, a steady ebb and flow. In the company of nature and its non human inhabitants I have found a solace and peace which has helped me navigate life’s complications. When I look at nature I find unconditional love and magical majesty which is at once quiet but also will not be silenced. I draw on the world around me and the animals I meet to inspire me to create nature inspired images . Beyond the fun aspects and antics which wildlife entertains me with I am moved to make my audience aware of man’s often destructive influences on habitat. I aspire to subtly make the viewer aware of what we are risking but also offering hope that we will continue to grow as responsible caretakers of the this magical blue planet.

Judith Vierow:

Cats are my spirit guides. Dinah, who belonged to my dearly intended, was the first. When my beloved went off to make his fortune in the Big City, he left dear Dinah with me. She became mine and I became hers, later she became ours once again. What followed in the decades since has been a continuous stream of felines, sometimes with kittens who went to someone else or stayed as part of the package. I scarcely recall a time when there was not a cat or two or three who lived with us. Now I am down to one dear old sweetheart, Mr Bubba. My heart of hearts tells me I do know where to find more should I need a companion of great intelligence and warm heart again. For now he is enough. Maybe after I've traveled the world or been to Paris at least. For now Mr. Bubba and my memories are enough to inspire and supervise my art. They do love to sit in front, right where I like to paint! By the way, you may have noticed a assortment of melodious and athletic armadillos, lovably, goofy dogs, and sock monkeys here and there, the spirit guides take a break once in a while to

roam the universe.

Evangelia Philippidis: 

Born and raised in the shadow of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, Evangelia follows the storytelling tradition of her ancestors. Her visual stories, are not only about mythical heroes and Olympian gods, they depict the essence of modern man’s continued struggle to find balance within himself and the world he inhabits.

As an editorial features illustrator for The Columbus Dispatch, Evangelia spent 22 years presenting visual stories of humanity and hubris, technology and spirituality, passion and pathos. Now as a fine artist she continues that journey through images that reflect both her Greek heritage and modern influences. She strives to bring visual life to social and spiritual issues and draw the viewer into the image – to be moved, to be amused or provoked, or simply to stop and reflect. She teaches illustration at the Columbus College of Art and Design and is nationally recognized for her work. 

Judith Vierow: 

Judy has had a wild ride through the art world. A graduate of Oklahoma U in painting she earned a MA at Ohio State in Printmaking. A weaver, quilt maker, Batik artist and painter, Judy is always restlessly exploring new directions in art. Her passion for Japanese woodblock prints, funky old furniture, folk art, the  antics of dogs and the cats who have inhabited her life, all serve as inspirations for her colorful and whimsical art. Her work is never fully planed but rather a flow from head to hand by way of the heart.

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