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Created in Her Image: The Nude
artwork by Paul Weyand
JULY 3 - 31, 2019
Artist Reception: Friday, July 13 | 1-3 pm

Created in Her Image: The Nude features the work of Paul Weyand. At the foundation of his art is a gratitude to women for the gift of life and for providing nurturing love and beauty of form. With expressionism and surrealism influences, this exhibition of oil paintings pays tribute to the wondrous miracle of human life.

Images: (Left to Right)
Paul Weyand, Hey Fiddle, Fiddle (detail), Graphite, Marker, & Oil
Paul Weyand, Quilting Bee, Graphite & Oil
Paul Weyand, Spark of Creation, Pencils, Graphite, & Oil


 "What a piece of work is woman!

  In form and moving how express and admirable! like an angel! like a goddess!

  The beauty of the world!"

I have paraphrased Shakespeare's Prince Hamlet and used license in context but I believe my version holds true in paying tribute to the wondrous miracle of human life and specifically, women.

At the foundation of my art is a gratitude to women for the gift of life and for providing nurturing love and beauty of form. Female models are used predominantly in the life studios of modern western art. Historically models have generally, at best, been looked upon as muses in a supporting role and subordinant to the artist. I view models as co-creating partners.

My exhibit is dedicated to the model goddesses of life.

Come on!, don't you think it's about time!


         Two works that exemptify models as goddess and co-creator:

 "Huevos Rancheros" is an early example in which the Goddess Athena
represents goddesses of all continents past and present including those of
mythology, pagan, traditional and modern religions such as Astarte, Aphrodite,
and Ishtar.

 "Spark of Creation" records the process of creation. I believe the essense
of art to be the "Act of Creation" with the "finished" painting, drawing,
 or sculpture to be a record or representation of the "Arting" that took
 place. In the life studio, as one depicted in "Spark of Creation",
 the interaction of the model and the artist has the potential to
 magically turn lead into gold.

                                                                                           -Paul Weyand

I was born at home in Athens County, Ohio in 1948. I am a graduate of Columbus Central High School and have education degrees from Ohio State University. I taught social sciences in the Columbus Public Schools for 35 years and retired from Columbus Alternative High School(CAHS) in 2006.

Since retirement I have taken around 15 art classes at Ohio State, many with Professor Pheorus West. I have taken drawing, painting, ceramic and bronze sculpture at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center since 2007 with the majority in Life Drawing and Painting. I have painted in artist workshops with Joe Lombardo in Mexico and am scheduled to paint with him in Italy next year.

My art has influences from many modern schools/genres including expressionism, surrealism, and if I may 'stream of consciousness', or 'stream of subconsciousness'.This is my first solo exhibit. I hold no degree in art. I am debating whether to accept an honorary degree of Insane Artist.

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