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Sight of Music Program, Cultural Arts Center 2017

October 14, 7-9 PM



Original Compositions for the Sight of Music


Richard Lopez, composer and piano

Kris Keith, flute and saxophones

Bdadley Mellen, electric cello and bass

Willie Bathel, drums and percussion


Music Program

  1. Angstin’ in the Rain: Bruce Robinson’s Configurations
  2. Magnetosphere: Tyler Bohm’s “Hacked”/ Futurismo
  3. Toccata: Yin Ynang Perputual: Tyler Bohm’s “Wormhole”/ Futurismo
  4. Futurismo #3: Tyler Bohm’s “Moonsugar”/ Futurismo
  5. Madera y Conchas: From Char Norman’s Ghost Forest
  6. Petites Yeux Bleu: Amandda Tirey’s …of space and blood
  7. Primeval Forest (in primaries!): Tracy Steinbrook’s “Dog Pond”/ Adena Brook/ Whetstone Ravine
  8. Shiver and Skate: Tracy Steinbrook’s “Frozen”/ Adena Brook/ Whetstone Ravine
  9. Veiled Threat: Victoria Ahmadizadeh’s “Shifting Countenance”/ Dare to be Heard
  10. You’ll Be Beautiful: Amy Leibrand’s “Rejuvenique”/ Dare to be Heard


Performance Videos

Part 1


Part 2



About the composer

Born in Hollywood, California, of England and Honduran parentage, Richard Lopez spent his early years traveling between England, Central America and the United States. Currently a faculty member at Otterbein College and Denison University, Lopez has also taught at the University of Akron, Ohio State University and at Capital University. He is Musical Director of the exciting “Jazz Master Series” at Columbus Museum of Art, where he produces monthly concerts which feature Columbus finest jazz players in theme based and jazz all-star showcase concerts.


Richard has appeared as a soloist and with Columbus Symphony Orchestra and Columbus Jazz Orchestra, and as a guest artist with Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra. Under the auspices of the United States Information Service, he has performed in Mexico, and has presented numerous solo recitals of traditional classical repertoire.