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Holly Leonard, Oil Painter, Loft Gallery, “Seeing in Abstraction”

Conversations and Coffee, 4-20-2017

Columbus Cultural Arts Center




Seeing Abstractions

Holly Leonard’s oil paintings merge representative images with abstraction – taking objective, unbiased imagery and altering its reality. Often working from photographs, she manipulates form, color and space as a way of projecting memories, impressions and personal narrative into the painting. Layers of paint are built up, and then often sanded down, a process that allows images to reveal themselves over time. 


Holly Leonard received her B.F.A. in Fine Arts (painting) from Gordon College in 2013. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, Neil. She has participated in several local arts festivals and group shows, and also leads an arts collective at Veritas Community Church


YouTube video of this session can be seen by clicking on the next link


Title to be typed ($---)


Moments ($75 each)


Left: Untitled Oil on panel ($75)

 Right: Studio Study ($75)



Right: Kitchen Studio




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