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Creative Arts of Women (CAW) Show, Main Gallery "Inside"

March 17 – April 15, 2017

Columbus Cultural Arts Center


Kristin Morris “Lizard in Boy Suit” ceramic underglaze ($375)




Morris’ next exhibition will be in Fresh A.I.R in Columbus, Sept 13-Nov 17, 2017



Kate Menke “What You See Isn’t Always What You Get (Part 1)”  ($375)



Left: Gaynelle Sloman “Chloe’s Journey” ($1875)

Right: Carmen Ambrosio ”Branches Kaleidoscope Amplified” abstract digital photography ($150) 




Left: Gretchen Cochran, “Insulation/Isolation” Fused fritted glass ($650)

Right: Valerie Lamb-Steece, “Broken Girl” Oil paint ($500)




Left: April Sunai “All That Glitters” ($350 sold)

Right: Clair Smith “Body of Water” ($1500)



Heidi Madisen “Grace vs Grit” ($960)



Joyce Kwasnik “Story of Days” acrylic on paper, collage ($700)



Creative Arts of Women (CAW)

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