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PAINTING - Beginning 

This course is designed specifically for the beginner. Step-by-step projects designed as an introduction to successful methods of acrylic & oil painting provide an excellent foundation for less structured independent painting sessions. Please decide on either acrylic or oil painting; many students find that acrylics are easier for beginners. Basic supply list is below and also is available at the Front Desk.

Any model expenses for CAC drawing and painting students will be paid for this term by a generous donation from the Walter Wada Family Fund

Instructor:   Michael Guinane
Class:         Tuesday  1-4 pm
Instructor:   Joe Lombardo
Class:           Tuesday  7-10 pm

Class Fees:  $55/$62

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Scroll Down to see Supply List 

Essential materials:

-1 Stretched canvas: 11"x14"

-2 Canvas panels: 11"x14"

-Large disposable paper palette tablet (or large transportable palette)

-2" palette knife

- Oil/Acrylic Flat or Filbert brushes (Firm Bristle) - width size: 1" -   1/2" -   1/4"

(use approximate size when purchasing brushes. Brand to brand sizes by number vary)

Paint: (colors are the same for oils or acrylics)

         Titanium White

         Paynes Gray

         Ultramarine Blue

         Cadmium Yellow Light

         Cadmium Red Light

         Burnt Sienna

         Burnt Umber

         Alizarin Crimson

         Dioxazine Purple

         Sap Green

Acrylic Painters:

         -Acrylic Fluid Gloss Painting Medium

         -Acrylic Fluid Retarder

Oil Painters:


         -8 oz. solvent- Turpenoid or Gamasol

         -2 small glass jars with lids- (baby food or salsa jars will work)

Optional but Recommended Supplies:

-Pencil  for note taking

-Painting gloves

*This is a list of recommended supplies we can work with what you have.

Artist supply stores:

Blick  614-792-1900 located NW Cols. Sawmill Road

Utrecht 614-224-7708 located in Short north


Contact the instructor, Joseph Lombardo 440-897-6226   email

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