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This course is designed specifically for the beginner. Step-by-step projects designed as an introduction to successful methods of acrylic & oil painting provide an excellent foundation for less structured independent painting sessions. Basic supply list is below and also is available at the Front Desk.

Any model expenses for CAC drawing and painting students will be paid for this term by a generous donation from the Walter Wada Family Fund






Michael Guinane
  Class:  Tuesday      1-4pm
Instructor:  Joe Lombardo 
Class: Tuesday     7-10pm





Class Fees $55/ $62

register online! click here


Scroll Down to see Supply List

Supply List

• 1 -Stretched canvas: 11”x14”

• 2 -Canvas panels: 11” x 14”

• Ebony pencil

• White plastic eraser

• Large disposable paper palette tablet

• 2”Metal Painting Knife

• Firm bristle oil/acrylic Flat brush - width size:1” - ½ ” – ¼”

• Small - The Master’s Brush Cleaner & Preserver Soap

• Paint (colors are the same for oils & acrylics)
Titanium White or Permalba White
Paynes Gray
Cobalt Blue or Ultrmarine Blue
Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Red or Napthol Red
Burnt Sienna
Raw Sienna
Alizarine Crimson
Dioxazine Purple
Hooker’s Green

Acrylic Painters
• Acrylic Fluid Gloss Painting Medium
• Acrylic Retarder
• 1 - Small jar with lid for mixing medium

Oil Painters
• Liquin
• 8oz. mineral spirits such as Gamsol or Turpenoid
• 2 – jars with lids

*Please label all art and art supplies with your last name.


Robert Lynch on the arts:

"...Increasingly, technology is a communications tool. And, as such, it represents an opportunity for arts groups...."  Philanthropy News Digest, October 4, 2010

 Art Is "America's Secret Weapon for Positive Change" Truthout Interview, July 28, 2013

Not only are the arts inherently valuable in and of themselves, but they also are valuable to the economy, to jobs, to youth at risk, to crime reduction, to community development, and many, many, other areas. If you make these connections well, it also creates a climate in which the arts themselves can thrive." NPR’s “The Record”, January 09, 2012

“Every dollar of N.E.A. funding generates $9 of non-federal money to the arts, and the nonprofit arts industry generates 4.1 million jobs.” Excerpt from a letter by Robert Lynch and Robert Redford to the New York Times, Feb. 11, 2014

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